Video Installation 2023

Like a spider, I want to build flexible constructions of strong threads, a thin organic web that after use can be torn down and used again or decay and become nourishment for new life forms.

Stereoskopiska Herbariet

Video Installation 7 min 2022
Animation, drawings and sculpture: Kristina Frank
Music: Elin Engström

Daily routine is to draw flowers. It requires concentration, a calmness arises and the perception of time dissolves, it is me and the flower.”I want to get to know the plants... understand them.


Video and dance performance, 8.38 min, 2021, Kristina Frank and Unn Dahlman.

A meeting between animator and dancer. We explore and reflect on themes as isolation, boundaries, fear of spreading infection and sense of unreality.


Video installation 2020

Sound: Loopsel

An animator who marvels at nature. She builds an underwater library and travels eons of time to a nature before humans created culture. Jules Verne's character Nemo inspires with his world escapism and his signature "Mobilis in mobili", a moving object in a changing medium. "Mobilis in mobili" becomes a mantra where we move with animation in time and space.

2Rabbits in Purgatorio

Video 5.16 min 2020
Performance: Mervi Kekarainen & Kristina Frank
Animation: Kristina Frank
Film: Linnea Grimmstedt
Music: Klas Hjortstam
Supported by: Film Gotland and Stockholm University of the Arts
In distribution by: The Art Film & Video Archive

2Rabbits visit civilization on a mission to understand humanity. In Dante’s forest, they get lost and encounter a world contaminated by plastic and oil.

Mobilis in mobili

Interactive video sculpture, 2019
Video divided into four chapters 5.04 min
Animation: Kristina Frank
Music: Klas Hjortstam
Programming (Arduino and Max): Tore Nilsson

Captain Nemo’s signature ”Mobilis in mobili” (moving object in a moving medium), becomes my mantra and animation is the medium to make it possible to move in time and space.


Sound sculpture 2018

Bakomgrönskan, Visby.

“Things are crawling under my feet because the ground is loaded with life. The organism has been hidden. Now crawling out of the soil after a long and deep hibernation "

Korv - TV

Video sculpture, 9 minutes, 2017

Animation and film projected on sculpture.

Materials, cardboard and cardboard tubes.

Animation and mapping: Kristina Frank

Film: Maria Holmqvist

Partisipating Artists: Kristina Frank, Mervi Kekarainen, Pia Ingelse, Eva Bergenvall, Torbjörn Limé and Jessica Lundeberg

The artist collective Ankaret is pushing the issue of a creative center for cultural workers in central Visby. A fight against the closing of art schools and the selling of the region's houses in the inner city. "We want a vibrant cultural life all year round and not another new hotel" 

We are all Atoms

Video Performance 8.45 min 2018
Animation & videomapping: Kristina Frank
Performing artists Maria Holmqvist & Kristina Frank
With support from Region Gotland and Landschaftsverband Westfalen Lippe
In distribution by The Art Film & Video Archive

Site specific video performance created during a residency at Künstlerhaus Dortmund. At the bottom of the house’s basement is a dark, narrow corridor that leads down to the city’s coal mines, an opening that has been sealed with bricks. I associate with the


video 5 min 2017.
Mervi Kekarainen and Kristina Frank

music: Lasse Hollmer

2 Rabbits comes from outer space. They land in a stone quarry on nothern Gotland with a mission to learn and understand human behaviours. A winding journey starts.

Hem Kära Hem

video 17:37min 2014.
animation, design, performance och dokumentary

Producer: Saint Michaels production AB, Gothenburg. music: Klas Hjortstam

No one knows that Kristina actually has no home. That she prefers it that way - a permanent home is overrated. Kristina follows her heart, but she also wonders “Why is it so natural for most people, but not for me? "So she goes on a research trip to ask" What does "home for you" mean?


Video 6.01 min 2012
Animation: Kristina Frank
Music: Klas Hjortstam

Living in the middle of a busy intersection and where planes descend for landing. A constant noise, no peace and the animal inside me comes to life